Be Familiar with Road Markings

For smooth movement and disciplined traffic, some roads are provided with different markings of which you should be aware. These markings are done in white and yellow colours. So, be aware of these markings :

Road Drving Lines :  

    • These marking are done to divide a road, not divided by elevated dividers, into two parts
    • These are marked sometimes by single yellow lines and sometimes by double yellow lines in the centre of the road
    • As per rule, you should always drive in the left side of the road

Lane Markings :  

    • These markings are done by white dotted lines and divide the road or part of the road in different lanes
    • Stick to your lane and change it only as per rules

Stop Lines :  

    • These lines are marked in white before traffic lights and zebra crossings
    • Always stop before the stop line if the light is yellow or red

Turning Lines :  

    • These lines in arrow form and painted in white indicates left or right turn or straight drive


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