The best way to be safe on the roads :  

    • Stick to your lane
    • Wherever available, bicycle riders and pedestrians should use bicycle tracks and foot paths
    • On multi-lane road there are separate lanes for different vehicles and the drivers should stick to these lanes
    • Change your lanes only f you have to overtake some other vehicles or take right turn

While overtaking, a driver must take the following steps :  

    • Check behind  on your right and if there is no vehicle approaching you, move to the right side of your lane
    • Keep a following distance sufficient enough to permit acceleration, signal right and move ahead of the vehicle you have to overtake
    • After securing sufficient distance from the overtaken vehicle, signal left and change direction gently
    • Never overtake a vehicle from left
    • Never overtake a vehicle which is already overtaking some other vehicle
    • Follows rules 1 and 2 for right turn


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