Know Road Signs and Honour Them

For a smooth movement of traffic, certain road signs have been giver which  must be followed for safe driving

There are three types of road signs :  

Mandatory road signs that are circular with one or two bars

Cautionary road signs that are triangular

Informatory road signs that are square shaped or rectangular

For a safe driving, Cautionary road signs are as important as Mandatory signs

You Can distinguish these signs through their designs

Follow these signs for a safe and smooth journey

Some important Mandatory Signs are :  

One Way; Compulsory Ahead; Right Turn or Left Turn; Slow Moving Vehicles Prohibited;  Height Limit;

Horn Prohibited; No Parking; U-turn Prohibited etc

Some important Cautionary Signs are :  

T-intersection; Roundabout; Speed Breaker; Pedestrian Crossing; Major Road Ahead; Unguarded Railway Crossing; Narrow Road or Bridge etc

Some important Informatory Signs are :  

Petrol Pump; Resting Place ; Parking; Public Telephone Booth; Hospital etc


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