Driving Up a Hill

Driving in hilly areas is a testing time even for seasoned drivers since the topography of hills is extremely different from those of the plains. Hence, while driving in a hilly terrain, you must keep following points in mind :

  • Never overload your vehicle as it can be taxing for your vehicle and can put extra load on steering
  • The roads in hilly areas are generally narrow and at many places traffic flows from both directions. Always allow a heavier vehicle or up going vehicle to pass by- down coming vehicles should provide enough room for ascending vehicles

    • In case of rain, snowfall, landslide or gravel falling situation, stop your vehicle near some wide patch of the road where hills are strong
    • Do not drive in hilly areas during night hours unless you are in an emergency
    • Approaching a turn, slow down your vehicles to the level of halt, use horn and then move slowly
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