1.Registration of New Vehicle
2. Registration Other state vehicless
3.Ex-army Vehicle Registration
4. Renewal of Registration
5. Transfer of Ownership
6. NOC
7.Cancellation of NOC
8. Change in Address
9.Addition of Hypothecation
10. Cancellation of Hypothecation
11. Alteration of Vehicle
12. NOC auctioned Vehicles
13. Conversion of Vehicle
14. Duplicate RC
15. High Security Registration Plate
16. Registration Government Vehicle

If a vehicle is purchased on loan from a Financer, the same can be endorsed in the Registration Certificate. The documents required are:

  1.  Form No.35 duly filled up
  2. Registration Certificate
  3. Valid insurance
  4. NOC from the Financier
  5. CHPA fee of Rs.100/- is to be duly paid.