Driving Licence Transactions

Driving Licence Renewal:

Renewal of Driving Licence should be done 30 days before or after the end of validity of licence. Renewal after 30 days however would attract a fine of Rs.50 per year and the licence will be renewed with effect from the date of renewal.

Application for renewal of licence should be submitted in Form 9 accompanied by:

Renewal made more than five years after the driving licence has expired, should also appear for a driving test. Where the licencing authority rejects an application for renewal of driving licence, it shall refund half of the fee paid for such renewal to the applicant, on an application made by him in that behalf not later than thirty days from the date of receipt of the order rejecting the application.

Addition of Class of Vehicle to Driving Licence

Application for addition of new class of vehicle to a driving licence should be submitted in Form 8 accompanied by:

  • An effective learner's licence for the particular class of vehicle.
  • Driving Licence
  • Appropriate Fees
  • Qualification Certificate.

** A candidate applying for Transport Licence should have a mimimum qualification of Standard 8th.

Issue of Duplicate Driving Licence

If at any time a licence is lost or destroyed the holder of the licence shall forthwith intimate the loss to the licensing authority which granted the licence and shall apply in writing to the said authority..

The application for Duplicate Driving Licence should be submitted in Form 9A accompanied by:

Replace Driving Licence:

If the driving licence is in bad shape or spoilt, the applicant can apply in writing for a new DL. To replace DL the following are to be submitted:

Change in Driving Licence details

If the DL has been printed and details such as address or name or photo are to be changed the following are to be submitted:

  • Written Application
  • Proof of Address ( change of address)
  • Affidavit (change of name)
  • Original Driving Licence
  • Appropriate Fees

Surrender Class Of Vehicle:

If a class of Vehicle needs to be removed from the DL, the following are to be submitted:
  • Written application for Degrading
  • Original Driving Licence
  • Form 4 ( in case of degrading from Professional to Private)
  • Appropriate Fees

No Objection Certificate for Driving Licence:

If a DL is carried to any other Licensing authority other than the original Licensing authority for transactions, a NOC should be issued from the original Licensing Authority. To obtain an N.O.C., the following are to be submitted:

Application for International Driving Licence:

Application should be done in form 4A and shall be accompanied by