Vehicle Fitness

Fitness for Non-Transport vehicle (Private):-

  • Non-Transport (Private) Vehicles are exempted from paying fitness fee.
  • The Vehicle Registration or Fitness validity of road worthiness is 15 years for a new vehicle.
  • On expiry of validity, Re-registration for Fitness Validity of Road worthiness is to be done for every 5 years.

Fitness for Transport Vehicle Commercial:-

  • All Transport (Commercial) Vehicles are to pay fitness fee based on the class of vehicle.
  • The fitness validity of a vehicle is for two years for vehicles up to eight years old.
  • Thereafter, the fitness validity is one year for vehicles older than eight years.
  • Fitness fee can be paid one month prior to the expiry of the fitness validity.

On expiry of validity, application for renewal has to be submitted tendering the requisite fee, in which case vehicle is to be produced for inspection and verification by Motor Vehicle Inspector before granting renewal of Certificate of Fitness.

An application for Fitness Certificate has to be submitted in Form CFA accompanied by the following :

  • Registration Certificate.
  • Insurance Certificate.
  • Permit.
  • Emission Certificate.
  • Valid Tax.

Additional fee of fifty rupees for each day of delay after expiry of certificate of fitness shall be levied.