Areas of Computerisation

A feasibility study of the existing system has brought out the following areas where Information Technology can be applied in the transport department :

1. Vehicle Registration

  • Online Registration of vehicles with system assigned Registration number and issue of Computerised registration certificate.
  • Booking and Allocation of Fancy Registration Number on demand.
  • Re-Registration of Vehicles after expiry of registration valid date.
  • Issue of Duplicate Registration Certificate.
  • Re-registration of Vehicles from other states.
  • Transfer of Ownership.
  • Change of Address.
  • Conversion of Vehicles.
  • Alteration in Motor Vehicles.
  • Endorsement of Non-use vehicles and surrender of documents.
  • Endorsement of Hypothecation/Lease/Hire-Purchase.
  • Termination of Hypothecation/Lease/Hire-Purchase.
  • Issue of Vehicle Fitness Certificate.
  • Issue of No Objection Certificate.

2. Tax Realisation

  • Online collection of Tax for all type of Vehicles.
  • Penalty on tax defaulters, additional tax if applicable.
  • Installment payment of tax.
  • Issue of duplicate tax token.
  • Preparation of Demand Notice for tax Defaulters.

3. Enforcement

  • Challaning of Vehicles under the Motor Vehicle Acts.
  • Impounding of Motor Vehicles.
  • Compounding of Motor Vehicles.
  • Disposal of Challan.

4. Driving Licence

  • Issue of Learner's Licence.
  • Renewal of Learner's Licence.
  • Issue of Driving Licence.
  • Renewal of Driving Licence.
  • Inclusion of Additional Category of Driving Licence.
  • Issue of Duplicate Driving Licence.

5. Reports

  • Accounting of Daily Collection as trax and various fees.
  • Reconciliation of accounts at the end of a day.
  • Report on list of Certificate of Fitness.
  • Various Adhoc queries and their reports.

6. Permits

  • Issue of National, Stage Carriage, Contract Carriage, Goods Carriage Permit.
  • Renewal of authorisation for Permit.
  • Renewal of Permit.
  • Cancellation of Permit.
  • Conversion of vehicles.
  • Replacement of Vehicles.
  • Inclusion of State.
  • Transfer of Ownership of Permit.
  • Daily Accounting.
  • State Wise Accounting.

7. Miscellaneous

  • Payroll Accounting System.
  • Personnel Information System.
  • Material Management System,
  • Monitoring Financial / Physical Achievement.