Key Contacts

Secretariat Level
Shillong S.T.D. Code - 0364
Serial Number Name and Designation Office Mobile E-mail address
1.Shri S. Dhar, Minister I/c Transport---
2.Shri M.R. Synrem, I.A.S., Commissioner & Secretary, Transport Deparment---
3.Shri I.W. Ingty, I.A.S., Secretary, Transport Deparment---
4.Smti V. Paswet, Under Secretary, Transport Department---
5.Smti N. Swer, Financial Advisor---
6.Shri A.D. Tyngkan, Officer on Special Duty, Transport---
S- Four digit Numbers signify Secretariat P.A.B.X. Extension of 2224201/ 2224116 Receptionist; Main Secretariat S- 2300, Addl. Secretariat S- 2208