Functions and Activities

Transport department administering the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and the Motor Vehicles Rules framed there under and also the Assam Motor Vehicle Taxation Rules, as adapted by the Government of Meghalaya, is engaged in the following function and activities :

  • Assessment and collection of Motor Vehicles Taxes and fees etc.
  • Registration of Motor Vehicles and all other related issues.
  • Issue/Renewal of Certificate of fitness in respect of Commercial Vehicles through inspection conducted by M. V. I.
  • Issue/Endorsement of driving license on being found fit in competency and signal test.
  • Renewal of driving license.
  • Control and Regulation of Transport (Commercial) vehicles.
  • Subject to approval, direction and recommendation of the R.T.A. Board, issuance/renewal of road permits to Public Service Vehicles or transport vehicles keeping in view the great public interest.
  • Detection and illegal plying of vehicle through enforcement staff.
  • Institution and disposal of offence cases for violation and enforcement of the provision of the Act and Rules. Disposal of offence cases and where necessary compounding of offences on realisation of cash penalty.
  • Enforcement of the provision of the motor vehicles Act and Rules.
  • Any other matters relating to transport administration including providing pool cars for use of V.I.P.