The Transport Department has implemented schemes like capital contribution to Meghalaya Transport Corporation, Assistance to Motor Driving Schools, Financial Assistance to Schedule Caste/ Schedule Tribe, Construction of Joint Check Gates, Computerisation of the office of the District Transport Officers, Construction of Umroi and Baljek Airports which may be briefly described as follows:

Financial Assistance to Educated Un-Employed Youth:

The Department provides financial assistance to educated unemployed youth to run transport services by providing subsidy of 25% from the total cost to the vehicles, where the rest is the loan component from the Bank with margin money from the selected beneficiary.

Motor Driving Schools:

The Department provides Financial Assistance to three Motor Driving Schools in the form of grant at Jaintia Hills District, West Garo Hills District and East Garo Hills District. This scheme was started during the 9th Plan Period and these Motor Driving Schools are imparting training and educating in respect of traffic rules and regulation other than developing quality driving skills.

Baljek Airport at Tura:

The Airport was inaugurated on the 22nd October, 2008 by Her Excellency the President of India Smti. Pratibha Devi Singh Patel in the presence of the local M.P's and M.L.A's. The Baljek Airport has however remained non-functional even after completion due to the fact that the Airport was conceived as a S.T.O.L. (Short Taking Off and Landing) Airport with a runway of around 1120 meters which is capable of handling on small Aircrafts (20 seaters) and hence no longer operating. The State Government is taking necessary steps to expand the runway for accommodating larger Aircrafts A.T.R.-72 (50 to 60 seaters). The Deputy Commissioner, Tura has been asked to proceed with the acquisition of additional land needed for expansion of the Airport. The process of handing over the said Airport to the Airport Authority of India (A.A.I.) is also under consideration.The D. P. R. for operationalization of Baljek Airport for A.T.R.-72 Type of Aircraft has been received (19.07.2010) from R.I.T.E.S.

Umroi Airport at Ri-Bhoi District:

Umroi Airport has become operational and an air service from Umroi Airport has resumed Services since 3rd April, 2003. Alliance Air is operating a 50 seater Aircraft between Umroi-Guwahati and Kolkata on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays of the week. Efforts are being made to extend the runway to enable bigger aircrafts to land at Umroi Airport and for this purpose a proposal was made some years back for reviving and up-gradation of Umroi Airport and facilities for landing of bigger aircrafts service. The Airport Authority of India submitted a proposal for acquiring additional area of 258 acres of land around the airport. The proposal was approved by the State Government and Financial Assistance was sought from the Central Government for the land acquisition. The amount provided by the Central Government (Special Plan Assistance) and State Government are:

Budget for Airport
1 2007 - 2008 Rs. 20,38,00,000/- (S.P.A.)
2 2009 - 2010 Rs. 30,00,00,000/- (S.P.A. Rs.24,00,000/- (State Budget)
3 2010 - 2011 Rs.32,146/- (State Plan)
Total Rs.50,62,32,146/-

The amount has been placed at the disposal of the Deputy Commissioner, Nongpoh and was directed to initiate Land Acquisition Proceedings under the Land Acquisition Act, 1894, 224.16 acres of land has been duly acquired by Deputy Commissioner Nongpoh and handed over to A. A.I. on the 26th November 2010. The estimates have been prepared and sent to Airport Authority of India, New Delhi and the same was forwarded to Airport Authority of India Corporate Head Quarter and to North Eastern Council, Shillong on 22.02.2011.

Helicopter Service in Meghalaya:

Government was operating a helicopter service in the state managed by the Meghalaya Transport Corporation which monitors its daily services, but recently the service has been suspended by the Government.


Vahan software for Registration and Sarathi Software for Driving Licence has been implemented in all districts of the state. All transactions regarding Registration and Driving Licence are now operated using the software mentioned above. Efforts are now going on to provide all applicable services online. Applicants will be able to perform transactions at the comfort of the their own homes or at cyber cafes, saving time and doing away with long cues. Issue of National Permit is also fully computerised, while other state permits and regional permits are in progress. Training has been imparted to the officers and staffs of all District offices & Head Office by the National Informatics Centre officials.

Railway connectivity in Meghalaya:

Rail connectivity to Meghalaya is in active consideration. Proposal for the establishment of Railway Line in the State of Meghalaya to link with the other Railway networks in the country have been initiated and taken up by the Transport Department with the concerned Railway Authorities (NFR) about a decade ago. At present, there are three approved railway lines and one proposal for the new railway line.

Railway Connectivity
Tetelia- Byrnihat (National Project) (21.5KM) Land Acquisition papers in progress and estimates will be submitted to N.F. Railways.
Byrnihat - Shillong (National Project) (108.4KM) The alignment has 12 Stations from Byrnihat to New Shillong. Survey work from Sohkhwai toLailad is completed and beyond Lailad is in progress. The survey work is held up in the area at Umsning to Stage 4 near Zero Point due to theobstruction by NGO (KSU).
Dudnoi - Mendipathar (19.75KM) Land acquisition has already been approved by the Government in Revenue and Disaster Management Department and the work is in progress.
Panchratna-Badarpur The Project Report has been submitted to local issue.

High Security Registration Plate:

As per Government of India order, the State of Meghalaya under the Transport Department has taken the initiative to introduce the scheme for implementing the High Security Registration Plates by inviting Tenders Quotations of which the bidder for supply of High Security Registration Plates in the State is M/s SHIMNIT UTSCH INDIA PVT. LTD. Nariman Point, Mumbai.

The Scheme has been implemented in the state with effect from 11th August, 2006. There are 2 (two) Embossing Stations in Meghalaya 1 in Shillong and the other is in Tura. The set up is established at the Commissionerate Office for Embossing Station covering the affixing station located at the District of (1) East Khasi Hills (2) West Khasi Hills (3) Jaintia Hills and (4) Ri-Bhoi District respectively. With regards to Garo Hills, Tura Embossing Stations covers the affixing station located at the District of (1) East Garo Hills (2) West Garo Hills and (3) South Garo Hills respectively.

Inter State Truck Terminus and Inter State Bus Terminus in Meghalaya:

The Transport Department is contemplating to setup an Inter State Truck Terminus and Inter State Bus Terminus in the two District of the State namely at Mawlein Ri-Bhoi District and at Mawiong East Khasi Hills District respectively. This office engaged M/s. Ander son Structural Consultant to prepare the Detailed Project Report for ISTT which have been duly approved by the P.W.D. (Roads) and the same has been forwarded to the Government with a request to forward the same to NEC with due approval of Planning Department.

Construction of Permanent Helipad at Upper Shillong:

The Government of Meghalaya do not have a Helipad of her own, we have been operating the Helicopter Services from the Air Force Helipad at Shillong. But we are not allowed to station our helicopter in the Air Force Helipad at upper Shillong. We have, therefore, to station the Helicopter at Guwahati Airport. This is inconvenient, besides being expenses. The M.D., M. T. C. made a request to the Air Force Authorities of the Eastern Air Command at Upper Shillong to build a Helipad on the vacant portion of land situated at the Northeastern end of the existing Air Force Helipad at Upper Shillong. The Air Force Authorities have with the approval with the Ministry of Defense; Government of India agrees to allot the said plot of land to us for the purpose. Hence, this Plan Scheme is made for construction of the proposed permanent Helipad at Upper Shillong. The estimated of the project as per the details of estimates report duly prepared by the Principal Chief Engineer MeCEL is 2,50,19,357/-. During this current financial year the Budget Provision is Rs. 1,06,00,000/- only and the balance of Rs. 1,44,19,357/- will be paid during the next financial year.

Setting up of Motor Driving Institute:

The Transport Department propose to set up a Motor Driving Institute in East Khasi Hills District under Ministry of Road Transport & Highway, Government of India Schemes and the project required free land from the State Government measuring about 12 acres for the purpose. Request already sent to the Director to the Government of Meghalaya, Urban Affairs Department to identify suitable Government land so as to enable this office to proceed with the Detail Project Report for timely submission to the concerned authority.