The following types of services are available at District Transport Offices.

  • License Section: This section deals with issue of Learners License, Driving License, Conductor License and related transactions.
  • Registration Section: deals with Transport, Non-Transport, Temporary Registration, Re-Registration, Renewal of Registration, HPA Entry/Termination of hypothecation/Hire Purchase/Lease, Transfer of ownership, Change of Address, Clearance Certificate, No Objection Certificate and related transactions.
  • Cash Section: The Cash section deals with collection of Fees and Tax.
  • Permits Section : This deals with various types of permits relating to transport vehicle.
  • Inspection Section: It deals with issue and renewal of fitness certificate, vehicle inspection for new registration / migration / renewal of registration certificate, Accident Inspection and related works.
  • Help Desk Section: Deals with supply of application, assistance and information. Public are requested to approach this section for speedy disposal of work related to various items of works mentioned above, during the office hours between 10.00 am to 2.30 pm.
Persons to be contacted for Official Business
Business/Activities Concerned Official
ForRegistration HeadAssistant
ForPayment of Road Tax and Fees etc OfficeCash Counter
For Issue / Renewal of Fitness Certificate & Vehicle Accident Cases Motor Vehicle Inspector
For Assessment of Tax Head Assistant / Cashier
For Issue / Renewal of Driving License Cashier / Dealing Assistant
For any other matter and Official Business Head Assistant / Dealing Assistant of D.T.O. & R.T.A.
For Permit of Commercial Vehicle R.T.A. Branch