1.Registration of New Vehicle
2. Registration Other state vehicless
3.Ex-army Vehicle Registration
4. Renewal of Registration
5. Transfer of Ownership
6. NOC
7.Cancellation of NOC
8. Change in Address
9.Addition of Hypothecation
10. Cancellation of Hypothecation
11. Alteration of Vehicle
12. NOC auctioned Vehicles
13. Conversion of Vehicle
14. Duplicate RC
15. High Security Registration Plate
16. Registration Government Vehicle

All State Government, Central Government and Police Department vehicles need to be registered at the office of the Registering Authority.


  1. Form No.20is to be duly filled up by the department.
  2. These vehicles are exempted from paying Registration Fees and Road Tax.
  3. HSRP fee is however to be paid as per the Fee charged.
  4. Government vehicles in Meghalaya have a separate Registration Mark.
  5. Owner’s name has to be the Designation name and not an individual’s name.
  6. A Government vehicle can be auctioned to the public as desired by the Department.
This auctioned vehicle is then treated as a new vehicle and a new public Registration Mark is assigned to the old vehicle, while the old Government Registration Mark is discarded