1.Registration of New Vehicle
2. Registration Other state vehicless
3.Ex-army Vehicle Registration
4. Renewal of Registration
5. Transfer of Ownership
6. NOC
7.Cancellation of NOC
8. Change in Address
9.Addition of Hypothecation
10. Cancellation of Hypothecation
11. Alteration of Vehicle
12. NOC auctioned Vehicles
13. Conversion of Vehicle
14. Duplicate RC
15. High Security Registration Plate
16. Registration Government Vehicle

The registration mark referred to in sub-section (6) of Section 41 shall be displayed both at the front and at the rear on all motor vehicles clearly and legibly on a plain surface of a plate or part of the vehicle not inclined to vertical by more than thirty degrees, at the front facing direct to the front and at the rear facing direct to the rear.

The registration Mark shall be exhibited in two lines, the State Code and the Registering Authority code forming the first line and the rest forming the second line, one below the other :

As per the directives issued by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, the Transport Department of Meghalaya, has implemented the project of issuing High Security registration Plates from the year  ____ to all newly registered vehicles.

Fees for HSRP are detailed in the linked page.

For vehicles registered at:
DTO, Shillong, HSRP is affixed at the Commissioner’s Office, Sawlad.