Road Safety


In case the motor vehicle collides with any person, animal or with any other vehicle or damages any property the driver of the involved vehicle (s), whether responsible for the accident or not, should take the following actions:-

  • The vehicle (s) should be stopped at the place of occurrence of the accident only.
  • If the victim gives his name and address, the driver (s) of the vehicle (s) should also give the name and address of the owner of the vehicle and that of himself.
  • All possible help should be provided to the victim and if possible and necessary he/she should be taken to the nearest hospital promptly.
  • The nearest Police Station should be informed about the occurrence of the accident, immediately. The vehicle (s) should not be removed till police takes action and allows you to do so.
  • All information and other necessary facts relating t the vehicle and the accident should be furnished to the police.
  • Necessary steps should be taken by the driver to avoid the accidents and in case it becomes inevitable, to minimise the risk and damage.