Road Safety

Brakes, Tyres, Radiator, Service


  • Ensure brakes do not drag.
  • Have breaks adjusted as often as recommended.


  • Maintain correct tyre pressure. Get it checked every week.
  • Do not drive your car with under inflated or over-inflated tyres.
  • Have the wheel alignment checked once a month.


  • Keep radiator and cylinder block water jackets clean and in good condition.
  • Avoid over-heating as well as over-cooling the engine.
  • Ensure correct fan belt tension.
  • Check condition of pressure cap? replace if necessary.


  • Get your car serviced regularly. Attention to grease nipples can save cost of repair on suspension and gives easy ride.
  • Use only recommended lubricants for engine, gear box and rear axle, propeller shaft, wheel bearings.


  • Plan your journeys in advance. Let us Rush there slowly.
  • Do not overload the car.
  • Where alternative routes are available, avoid bad, congested and longer routes.