Road Safety

Do Not Commit Following Offences

Do not commit the following offences, otherwise an endorsement shall be made on your License besides other legal actions which may be taken against you.

Part A:

  • Diving recklessly or dangerously.
  • Driving while under the influence of drinks or drugs.
  • Taking part in an unauthorised race or trial of speed.
  • Driving when disqualified.
  • Obtaining or applying for a license without giving particulars for endorsement.
  • Failing to stop on the occurrence of an accident.
  • Altering a license or using an illegally altered license.
  • Any office punishable with imprisonment in the commission of which the vehicle was used.

Part B:

  • Driving without a license, or without a valid license or with a license not applicable to the vehicle driven.
  • Allowing your license to be used by another person.
  • Driving at excessive speed.
  • Driving when mentally or physically unfit to drive.
  • Refusing or failing to produce your license within the specified time, to the authority demanding its production.
  • Failing to stop when required.
  • Driving an unregistered vehicle.
  • Driving a vehicle exceeding the permissible limit of weight.
  • Driving a transport vehicle not covered by a certificate of fitness.
  • Using a vehicle which is in an unsafe condition.