Road Safety

Attention Drivers

Before driving make sure that :

  • Your vehicle is "Registered".
  • Registration number is displayed prominently in the front and the rear, in the prescribed manner.
  • It is insured to cover liability in respect of any third party risk.
  • The vehicle is in Road-worthy condition. Please check the tyres, lights, reflectors, brakes, steering, fan-belt, battery, horn, silencer, speedometer, water in the radiator, fuel and other lubricants etc. Adjust the mirror properly to have a clear view of all sides.
  • You are not under the influence of alcohol/drugs.
  • You have a valid driving license for the type of vehicle you are driving.
  • You are physically and mentally fit to drive.
  • No unauthorized person has boarded your vehicle and the number of people who have boarded the vehicle is per the rules and regulations governing the use of that type of vehicle.
  • Your vehicle is not being used for any unlawful purposes and nothing is being carried in the vehicle which is not permitted by law.
  • The vehicle is not overloaded.
  • You have a good knowledge of the road conditions and the traffic regulations of the areas through which you are to drive.
  • There is nothing close to you which may distract your attention while driving.
  • You have a safety helmet, if you are driving a scooter or a motor cycle.
  • You are not using tinted materials of any kind for windows and windscreen since it diminishes your vision.
  • You are carrying a first -aid box and fire extinguisher if it is a public service vehicle.